Youtube Marketing

What is Youtube Marketing?

YouTube marketing is the process of promoting your brand, product or service on YouTube. It involves a mix of various organic and paid approaches such as uploading your own videos or paying for YouTube ads. Additionally, brands may even include influencers in their YouTube marketing mix.

A typical YouTube marketing strategy may involve one or a combination of the following methods:

  • Video creation: YouTube is primarily a video hosting platform. So creating and uploading original content is the best way to engage your YouTube audience.
  • YouTube influencer marketing: YouTube is the second-most popular platform to work with influencers based on the latest influencer marketing stats. 70% of marketers find the platform important for their influencer marketing.
  • YouTube advertising: 70% of consumers say they’ve bought a product after seeing it on YouTube. Running ads on the platform can deliver high returns for your brand.

Why is YouTube marketing important?

The latest YouTube stats reveal one truth—marketers and consumers love video. We found that it’s the format people prefer to learn about a product or service. And there’s no better place to leverage video content than on YouTube, where people watch over 1 billion hours of video daily.

Reach a large audience

YouTube has an incredibly large, active user base. Publishing quality content on the platform can get you massive exposure and traffic. You can even leverage influential creators to further expand this reach.

Also, there’s a close connection between SEO and social media. So a strong YouTube presence could boost your reach beyond the platform.